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Car Seat Ponchos

Car Seat Ponchos

Dreampower Carseat ponchos are safety + style!

What exactly is a car seat poncho? Style and safety!

It’s a poncho that is specifically designed to be worn over a child in a car seat so that they can stay warm and cozy without adding bulk between the child and their seat. Any bulk between the child and the car seat or the harness of the car seat is dangerous and can result in full or partial ejection in the event of an accident. The thick layers of a coat or snow suit compress with the force of a crash leaving a large gap between your child and their harness. Living in Canada, we still have to take winter and sub zero temperatures into account. No one wants their child to be buckled in unsafely, but no one wants their child to be sitting in a cold car when it’s -40 either.  

We have added a few parent-approved features.
* elastic at the wrists to keep hands accessible. This is crucial for toy-holding and thumb-sucking.
*full zipper down the front. This means no need to remove over the head! This is helpful for all ages, and especially for when the babe is sleeping. Never wake a sleeping baby! :)
*fully lined poncho and hood.
Two layers of non - pilling polar fleece.
It is generally considered unsafe for babies and children to wear bulky coats under carseat straps.
The straps cannot be made tight enough to ensure that they will be held in tightly in the case of an accident.
Carseat ponchos are worn over the straps, so the baby or child can stay toasty warm, while staying safe.

Note:  Some ponchos are reversible.  Some are not.  The description of each style will tell you which it is.