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  • Great product and excellent customer service!
  • Comfortable, good fit, easy to breathe.
Kay S wrote a review about Face Mask -Fire House Dog
  • Super cute, comfortable mask
  • Local, no-contact pickup was perfect. The mask is beautifully sewn and stays put - I never have to worry about it slipping down my nose or needing to adjust it. I like the adjustment method with plastic beads - none of my other masks have that and it works really well. I've already run it through the washer multiple times and hung it to dry and it looks like new.
Natalia Brattan wrote a review about Face Mask -Elsa & Anna
  • Our favorite one!
  • Our daughter loves the mask. It fits nicely, very comfortable, and looks fancy for a kid. All of our school masks are from dream power costumes.
Valerie Gamache wrote a review about Carseat Poncho -Red Lumberjack Wolf
  • J’adore !
  • C’est vraiment parfait 👌
Dawn Hammell wrote a review about Towel Costume -Monster
  • Dragon & Monster Towels
  • I had bought one previously and it has stood up well. My grandson uses it on a regular basis at home so I purchased one for sleepovers at Nanas and an extra one just for good luck.
Natalie Fitzpatrick wrote a review about Towel Costume -Duck
  • Beautiful Quality - The Real Deal!
  • LOVE the duck towel costume. I recently bought this for a friends new born, and they adore it. The quality is unmatched - real towel material vs. some of the thinner materials on the market. I will definitely be back to buy more. Thank you for everything that you do!
Myrna Singer wrote a review about Face Mask -Navy/White Floral
  • Navy and white floral
  • I love this fabric and it washes just as well as all my other dreampower face masks .
Chantal Laprise wrote a review about Face Mask -Bicycle
  • Awesome!
  • I love my new masks. My glasses don’t fog up anymore.
Julie Stern wrote a review about Bat Cape
  • Love it!
  • I purchased this item for my son. He wanted to be a bat for Halloween and I had trouble finding a bat costume that was not Batman related. We received it and my son LOVES it and so do I. It is very well made. Thank you
Myrna Singer wrote a review about Face Mask -Yellow Daisy
  • Yellow daisy face mask
  • I ordered this mask for my mother's caregiver and she finds it very comfortable. It also is so pretty!
Jessica Hebert wrote a review about Bat/Spider hero Reversible Cape
  • The costume was incredibly well-made and the shipping was almost teleportational! My son loves it! Thank you very much
Heather Ferguson wrote a review about Blanket Tail- pink Mermaid
  • Well made, love the material, and fast shipping!
Carol Felepchuk wrote a review about Unicorn Cape -Royal Blue Sequin
  • Just beautiful!
  • Very well made. Lovely fabric and trims. Shipped right to our home and arrived only a few days after ordering.
Kristen Duimering wrote a review about Face Mask -Bunnies 'n Bears
  • Amazing Mask!
  • I ordered child size for my 6 year old daughter. They are by far the most comfortable and well made masks that I have come across. My daughter loves the fun prints (especially ponies), and can easily put the mask on and adjust it by herself. The nose wire is especially great, as it keeps the mask from slipping down while talking. My husband wants to order more for himself now!
Myrna Singer wrote a review about Face Mask -Navy/White Floral
  • Navy and white floral
  • I love this fabric and it washes just as well as all my other dreampower face masks
Mary Suiden wrote a review about Face Mask -Dandelion Fluff
  • Awesome masks
  • The best I have bought so far!
Kathleen Horrigan wrote a review about Face Mask -Navy
  • So many compliments!
  • These masks are their own best advertising! I get asked all the time where I got my mask. Happy to tell them!
Judy Martin wrote a review about Face Mask -Gone Fishing
  • Thrilled with the quality of fabric, the sewing and the ability to choose a theme!
  • Durable and high safety standard
JW wrote a review about Face Mask -Gold Butterfly
  • Beautiful
  • We let our 6 year old choose her own masks to help get jazzed about back to school. She was so excited about this pattern and it’s now one of her favourites to wear.
  • It fits great, stays in place really well, and she is able to put it on and off herself with no issues.
Rob Cooper wrote a review about Face Mask -Panda Bear
  • Excellent
  • Really happy with the Panda mask.
Christine Dopko wrote a review about Face Mask -Panda Bear
  • Excellent
  • Very happy with the comfort and breathing
Ann Clark wrote a review about Face Mask -Orange Bees
  • Love it! Get lots of people asking where I got it. Comfortable.
Judy Martin wrote a review about Face Mask - Linen
    • Face Mask Linen
    • Superb sewing! Appreciate that this is a small local business venture! Contact was so personable.
Krista MacVicar  wrote a review about Face Masks
  • Masks are a great fit. My partner appreciates the straps that go around the head vs. behind the ears...
    JW wrote a review about Face Mask -Hearts & Flowers
    • So cute!
    • This pattern is adorable, and as always the mask is great quality! My 6 year old and I bought a matching pair and we look super cool 😎
    JW wrote a review about Face Mask - Charcoal
    • Love these masks!
    • The quality is fantastic! The design leaves enough room at your mouth that you don’t feel smothered, while also feeling very air tight and not fogging up glasses. We have purchased many Dreampower masks, and our whole family loves them!
    Ann Clark wrote a review about Face Mask -Painted Turtle
    • Turtle mask
    • Love it!
    Laura Ann St Louis wrote a review about Face Mask -Sloth 
    • Great mask. Comfortable and secure
    Kathryn Lund wrote a review about Face Mask - Gold Butterfly
    • Great mask!
    • Love the fit of the DP masks. Elastic around the head rather than the ears is comfortable and easy to wear.
     CW wrote a review about Face Mask -The Lab
    • Great!
    • My children and I find these masks quite comfortable.
    Aura Hertzog wrote a review about Face Mask -Silver Sequins
    • Amazing
    Anne wrote a review about Face Mask - Social Bubbles
    • Room for a nose!
    • As a woman with a full-sized nose, I really appreciate the design of this mask. Other masks I have ordered larges to fit the nose, but then they are absolutely huge on my face (covering my under-eyelid). This one fit perfectly. Customer service was also amazing, there was a mix-up in patterns in my order and it was rectified, no fuss, within a day :)
    Jenny wrote a review about Face Mask - Faux Denim
    • Great for back to school
    • I bought this mask for my 9 year old son in preparation for back to school. The size small fit his face well and he can easily put it on and take it off himself. I really like how the elastic goes all the way around the head and doesn't pull on the ears.
      Lisa McEwen wrote a review about Face Mask -Flower Garden
      • 3 Face Masks (over the head)
      • The quality of these masks is superior to the other few sources that we have tried. Very well-made and nice fabric choices!
      Christine Dopko wrote a review about Face Mask - Squiggly Lines
      • Perfect fit
      • Breathable and fits perfectly ❤️
      Marci wrote a review about Face Mask - Kaleidoscope
      • A1
      • Fits great. Haven't used it yet so can't say how it will last but we've bought many masks and these look to be very well constructed. Thank you!
      Tasia McEvoy wrote a review about Face Mask -Ants Come Marching
      • wonderful!
      • these are amazingly functional - the head strap makes a huge difference for my kids! and the nosepiece is very sturdy, and holds its shape well.
      • so happy with these products!!
      • thank you!!
      Robin Rutten wrote a review about Smile Mask -Grey Storm
      • Excellent product and service !!
      • The product was excellent and service was fantastic. Dream Power cares about their customers !
      Sue Edwards wrote a review about Face Mask - Rubik's Cube
      • Rubik's Cube Mask
      • My son loves his Mask! Fit is great!
      Christine Dopko wrote a review about Face Mask -Running in Circles 
      • Perfection!
      • Very comfortable and breathable!
      Ann Clark wrote a review about Face Mask - Basic Black
      • First time purchase
      • Bought this on recommendation from a friend. My husband wears hearing aids and was having issues finding a mask that didn’t go over the ears...this one is perfect! He loves it and the navy one too.
      Val Laidlaw wrote a review about Face Mask - Ponies
      • Child's mask - highly recommend
      • Love it! Very comfortable for 7year old. She much prefers the elastic around the back of her head, rather than behind her ears. Also likes that there is a bit of space in front of her nose & mouth.
      Bronwyn Smith wrote a review about Face Mask - Sunflower 
      • Best masks!
      • We love them. Comfortable. Beautifully made. Makes wearing masks easier for our children. Wash very well too!
      Danielle wrote a review about Face Mask -Running in Circles 
      • Love all these masks !!!
      • So well made, great coverage... amazing closures at the back .. I get so many compliments on my masks (like I ever in a life time imagined I would say that lol)
      • I have ordered about 10 masks or more..... and counting ??? lol Amazing product, worth every penny..
      Paula Wilkie wrote a review about Face Mask - Gold Butterfly
      • So comfortable!
      • I wear my masks 6 to 8 hours a day and these are great! My ears don’t hurt and I’m comfortable. #4 can’t wait to add to more! Thanks again for your help!
      Brian Laird wrote a review about Face Mask - Kaboom!
      • Great mask
      • This one was an immediate winner with my kids. This is the pattern that they are most likely to battle over when picking masks...
      Pauline Fauchon wrote a review about Face Mask -Pride
      • Great mask
      • Great fit, love the print, love the elastic design - everything about this mask is super!
      Josalyn Radcliffe wrote a review about Face Mask - Black Bouquet
      • Sturdy and practical design
      • This mask stays on very well and is made with high quality fabric. It feels as though it would last. The toggle strap is very useful. The small adult size fits both me and my 11y well. Will likely buy another set for the family in the near future.

      Anna Drake wrote a review about Face Mask - Aqua Floral

      • Great face mask!
      Richard Budding wrote a review about Face Mask -Ants Come Marching
      • Great masks
      • These masks are comfortable and effective. The wire around the nose makes a nice tight fit. Recommended!
      Paula Wilkie wrote a review about Face Mask - Basic Black
      • 💕 super comfortable!
      Paula Wilkie wrote a review about Smile Mask -Grey Paisley
      • Smile masks
      • Customers love that they can see us smile! We love them!
      Peggy Walter wrote a review about Face Mask - Blue Petals
      • Best mask to buy
      • Love this mask! So comfortable!
      Erica Shelley wrote a review about Face Mask - Black Bouquet
      • Face Mask -Large
      • I have now bought about 10 of these face masks in various patterns for myself, family and my University research team.
      • First, let me say that the quality of these are amazing. Being used day in and day out and going through multiple washes they have not had one single issue in over 2 months of use.
      • I really prefer the behind the head model as opposed to around the ears. I can tighten it so that the part under my chin closes.
      • I appreciate the extra filter. It does add an extra layer that my scientist brain likes to think is catching a little extra! That being said, I have no issues breathing with this on.
      • I am not a big person, but I much prefer the bigger size. It allows me to talk without the chin moving the nose portion down, and with the tightening option I don’t have any gaps. I also wear glasses and with the wire nose I don’t find any issues with the glasses steaming up if everything is closed off.
      • I often wear these for hours at a time for work and will forget I even have it on!
      • My kids wear the medium size (large kids/women’s?) and they have had fun with the patterns.
      • I recommend these masks to everyone!
      • I also love the story of how Dreampower started with making these masks as well as other PPE and giving it to our front line workers early on when they heard there was a shortage of PPE.
      • If I could give 10 stars I would!!
      Amy Yang wrote a review about Face Mask -Orange Bees
      • Lovely mask
      • Very cute and fits well!

       Christine Rothner wrote a review about Towel Costume -Unicorn

      • Towel and Cape
      • I am a returning customer and love the capes and towels for my grandchildren'

       Anna Drake wrote a review about Face Mask - Bunnies 'n Bears

      • These are excellent masks: very well-made and comfortable. Love the range of patterns and fast local delivery. Thank you!

       Shelagh Peterson wrote a review about Face Mask -Herringbone 

      • Adjustable and comfortable
      • This mask was purchased for my husband. This was perfectly sized for his face, and was quite easy to adjust. It has been worn several times, and washes well in the washing machine. He likes it because it tightens nicely around his nose, allowing his glasses to fit on top. He finds that his glasses don't fog up.
      Erin wrote a review about Face Mask -Brown Pattern
      • Perfect mask!
      • I bought this for my husband, and it fits him perfectly. He finds it very comfortable to wear, and it has washed well. Highly recommend!
      • Best Mask Ever
      • I'm very impressed by the quality of this mask. It's great for people who wear hearing aids as the ones that go around the ears tend to make them pop out.
      • I love the colour and the feel of the material. Very well made and comfortable to wear. I've recommended it to others. Since I must wear a mask, this makes it easier. Thanks Dreampower!! 
      Kathleen Horrigan wrote a  review about Face Mask - Basic Black
      • Best masks!
      • Well-constructed, great fit! Dreampower masks are above and beyond. Super speedy, too.
      Kristin Vick wrote a review about Unicorn Cape -Pink
      • Beautiful well made capes that our kids love
      Andrea wrote a review about Face Mask - Grey Storm
      • Great mask
      • I’ve tried a few different masks and this one is definitely the most comfortable. I like the stretchy back that doesn’t loop around the ears. Also, I like how the mask kind of ‘tents’ around the nose/mouth so it is easy to talk and breath without feeling suffocated.
      Christine Hildred wrote a review about Face Mask - Basic Black
      • It was perfect!
      • It was for my husband and it fit his big head and covered most of his face! He said it stayed in place!
      Michelle Kempster wrote a review about Face Mask - Pink Ribbon
      • Best mask yet!
      • Wore one of the dream power masks this evening for the first time. Fit perfectly and I was able to fit it perfectly around the nose preventing the terrible "glasses fog" that I get with other masks.
      Lisa wrote a review about Face Mask - Basic Black
      • Fits Perfectly
      • I purchased this mask for my husband and it fits perfectly
      Bronwyn Smith wrote a review about Face Mask - Basic Black
      • Face masks
      • Fantastic. Stay in place. Comfortable.
      Carol Payne wrote a review about Face Mask - Grey Storm
      • Wonderful Safe Mask
      • It will keep us safe and secure
      RDK wrote a review about Face Mask -Bicycle
      • liked so much, ordered more for friends
      • Good, functional, masks
      Wendy Strong wrote a review about Face Mask - Coral Floral 
      • Good
      • I love the way your masks fit. I have a small face, but the mask covers everything comfortably and I can wear my glasses easily with the mask. Great!
      Carol Payne wrote a review about Face Mask - Dotty
      • Best masks ever
      • The masks feel secure, love the colours and the nose clip
      Sabina Tsang wrote a review about Face Mask - Hedgehog 
      • Cute and Comfy
      • Although necessary in the Covid-19 time, I hated wearing masks. They were always gloomy and offered no cheer. The mask has a cute design and bright colours- looking at it just gives me a smile. In a time when people are worried, I'd like to offer a little bit of cheer and this pattern was the one for me.
      Erin Cooper wrote a review about Face Mask - Hedgehog 
      • Fabulous masks, great service
      • We have a number of Dreampower masks and have purchased more for family members as well. The masks are really well made, hold their shape with repeated washing, and fit great. We definitely like the behind the head elastic they offer rather than the ear loops on other masks which can be irritating.
      • Additionally, Dreampower is a great local business that spent months donating hundreds and hundreds of PPE items to front line workers, my mom is a nurse who, along with her colleagues, was kept safer because of Dreampower donations. We are very happy to support this local Canadian company and are very pleased with the quality of the masks.
      Joan Frank wrote a review about Face Mask - Navy
      • Best Non Surgical Mask
      • Dreampower produces the Very Best Non Surgical Masks!
      • Beautifully made which holds up extremely well with constant laundering.
      • I recommend these masks to anyone looking for high quality and huge selection all of which are very nice and hard to choose from.
      Myrna Singer wrote a review about Face Mask - Pinstripe 
      • Ordered for a friend.
      • She is very happy with it. She especially likes the beads as a toggle.
      Wendy Strong wrote a review aboutFace Mask -Flower Garden
      • Loved it!
      • I plan to order more. I have already gifted a few and they have been very well received. They are so pretty!
      Myrna Singer wrote a review about Face Mask  
      • Green apples and hedgehogs! I have both
      • I love my masks. They are comfortable, wash beautifully and I find the toggle closure very easy.
      Connie Dowell wrote a review about Face Mask - Dandelion
      • Face mask
      • The mask fits securely and is comfortable. I feel confident I am doing my part in keeping others safe. Thank you!
      Stephanie K wrote a review about Face Mask -Herringbone
      • Great Mask!
      • Mask is very well made and comfortable!
      Sarah Roach-Livermore wrote a review about Face Mask - Charcoal 
      • Fits great and is breathable
      Kathie Norris wrote a review about Face Mask - Ponies 
      • Great mask!
      • Love the mask with the ponies on it!
       Linda L wrote a review about Face Mask - Faux Denim
      • Very Well Made
      • Like the beads to tighten rather than tie strings.
      Paula Downey wrote a review about Face Mask - Charcoal 
      • Great quality & service
      • Great quality face masks, reasonably priced. Speedy service!